Lisa Rawlinson- ep 10

Lisa Rawlinson is making art again after a twenty-year break.  That’s one of the reasons I wanted to catch up with her.  When I met her, she was one of the many talented artists in the Good/Bad Art Collective in Denton, Texas in the 90s.  During the twenty-year break, Lisa did stuff like get married, have kids, get divorced, have a career in publishing, you know, life.

Then a few years ago I noticed that she was sharing a ton of new and interesting artwork on social media and it really struck me that she was another person out there struggling to express herself in this new reality we all share.

I’ve uploaded some of Lisa’s artworks on to this podcast’s facebook page or you can find her work at  (and I’ll paste a few below) Whichever way, I suggest you take a look at some of her paintings while you listen to this if you can, I think it will make it more enjoyable.

Note: There’s one part where Lisa and I were wondering if gravitational waves could travel faster than the speed of light.  I googled it.  It seems the answer is no, but there are other factors that can cause light to reach us slower than the gravitational waves.

Hnin Wint Nyunt Hman- ep 5

My friend Hnin is a really interesting person.  I haven’t known her all that long, we met because we briefly worked for the same Group.  Most of our friendship is based on one long conversation at a company party, which she references later.  I called Hnin and we had recorded one conversation, but in the end, she sounded too uptight and not quite herself.  Part of that was my fault for not explaining exactly what I was going for, so anyhow we had a second conversation where everything was much more relaxed and went as planned.  Ok, so that being said I hope you enjoy this longer, more relaxed conversation with Hnin where we seriously geek out.