Rory Scholl

Rory Scholl

See if you can hear the envy in my voice when I talk to Rory Scholl about his bohemian lifestyle.  Rory is a comedian, a writer and actor in New York.  He actually has so many different gigs, we only scratched the surface in this conversation. Way back when I was making student films, I would rope Rory in as talent, because he’s talented, and as you’ll hear, he’s pretty much game for anything, whether that’s playing an airline seat, or trying to make Lenny Bruce kid-friendly.  Heeeeere’s Rory.

Rory in Four Grey Sleepers circa 1989 or 1990?
Rory in “Scary Life Size Monster Ghost!”

A young Rory Scholl and an even younger Mark Cuban

Rory as the American Airlines mascot

Link to Geek Club Books, autism storytelling article: James Rebhorn and a Tale of Two Friendships

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