Norm Bowman

Norm Bowman

When I graduated high school in 1988, my idea of college was equal parts Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and The Sure Thing.  So if you were going to cast the part of my freshman roommate, you couldn’t have found a better person that Norm Bowman.  He had it all, a spray-painted Dodge Dart, an anti-establishment attitude, and best of all, he was old enough to buy booze.  It’s not surprising he was kind of the nucleus of my circle of friends.  These days he’s still anti-establishment but a bit mellowed, with lovely family in the Dallas suburbs. He has a lot to say. We cover the similarities between coffee and condoms, his atheism, his signature style of photographing himself on abandoned furniture, and more.

The many moods of Norm

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“Dumpster Comfort” the photo blog I wrote on “Norming.”



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