Mike Simeone, revisited

My friend, Mike Simeone was the first person I interviewed on this little podcast…there’s only been five so far…I chose Mike for a couple of reasons.  One was that I knew he had experience in radio and audio production, so I actually consulted him a lot getting this thing off the ground.  The other reason was that I knew we had this odd backstory that we could delve into together.

If you’ve happened to listen to episode one, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t maybe you want to check it out first…but anyhow…there is one more element to the story I want to share.  Ever since I reconnected with Mike on Facebook, we’ve been chatting on Facebook messenger, and a lot of that is Mike sending me voice messages.  Many, many voice messages.  Starting about December of 2016, he’s sent me about 3 hours’ worth?  All recorded in 60 second clips or less.  They will just come in these sporadic bursts.  Sometimes I’ll have time to respond immediately, sometimes I’ll be asleep or at work or dealing with family stuff and I can’t even listen to them for a while.  Most of the messages are NC17 too, so I can’t listen out loud unless I’m alone.

But I realized these clips make up some kind of unique audio document.  Listening back to them it reminded of me of those weird times that maybe you are driving on the highway late at night, and you would tune in some random AM station, and pick up an unknown talk radio show out of the ether and just become fascinated in someone else’s manic drama.  Or maybe back in the day, you found some homemade cassette tape at a yard sale and you’d give it a listen.

So I wanted to share them with you.  Not all three hours of course. I’ve edited them down.  They are random, often times there are dozens of text messages in between the audio ones that are not reflected here, but it doesn’t matter.  I think they flow in a performance art kind of way.  These are all in chronological order except for a few that I’ll get to later.  Oh and these are explicit, for sure, so you’ve been warned. I hope you like them.

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