Dennis Meeks- ep 7

I don’t think I can summarize Dennis Meeks without sounding like I’m exaggerating.  I think it’s best to just start listening to him yourself.  I’ll just say this, Dennis is the same age as me, but in my opinion he has racked up enough experiences to easily make up three lifetimes already, and he keeps going.

3 thoughts on “Dennis Meeks- ep 7”

  1. It’s not ‘God Save the Queen’ which has the same melody as ‘My Country Tis of Thee’. It is an old drinking song that talks about Bacchus.

    You’ll probably get around to this, but my inner music major just had to say something.

  2. I still have my letter where I was called into the Dean’s office. “Your name has been associated with a disciplinary matter.”

    Thankfully, Dennis was smart enough to keep it from me although his backpack full of the flyers in my dorm room at one point. Dean Vallerio was so cool to me about it. I think he was very hopeful I knew more than I did because I was on two scholarships, but I had no clue.

    I recall the actual reason for Dennis’s dismissal was misappropriation of state funds.

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