Alvin Oon

Alvin Oon is a very positive, upbeat guy.  Usually, I’m suspicious of guys like that, because really, who are they fooling? But for Alvin, that’s genuinely the way he is.  And as you’ll hear, any guy who made a choice to pursue the performing arts in Singapore and go his own way and who made a successful life for himself and his family must have a positive attitude.

Alvin is an actor, singer, emcee, director, he can basically do it all.  He also writes songs, and some of his songs poking fun at life in Singapore have gone viral, getting hundreds of thousands of views.  If you like any of them you hear later, I encourage you to check out the videos on youtube.

Here are pictures and links to a few of the things we mentioned in the show:

Scene from ’10 Courts of Hell’ at Haw Par Villa
Scene from ’10 Courts of Hell’ at Haw Par Villa
Depiction of filial piety – Haw Par Villa. photo by Jnzl
Statue at Haw Par Villa

Alvin’s Songs:

All I Ever See is Haze

Give Me Back My Terrex Chia

Don’t Let The Train Breakdown on Me

One Nation Together

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